Red Wine

What is the best temperature to store red wine?


There is an ideal range rather than a best temperature to store your Wine. Red Wine should be stored between 14 degrees and 16 degrees Celsius. By increasing or decreasing the temperature outside of this range the rate of wine maturity will increase and decrease accordingly. Also important to the storage of your wine is the humidity and light conditions of your cellar. Although the humidity of cities such as Melbourne (The average annual relative humidity is 55.8% and average monthly relative humidity ranges from 48% in January to 67% in June) some cities experience more extreme humidity ranges. A temperature and moisture stable dark cellar will allow your wine to mature and be enjoyed to its fullest. The warmer the temperature the faster rate your wine will mature and the lower the temperature the slower the rate of maturation. Most wines produced in Australia are designed to be drunk within the first 5 years. It is always worth checking on the label of your wine for the idea time to drink the wine. A stable temperature will also assist in the maturating of your cellared wine collection. If red wine was to be kept in a standard fridge at 4 degrees Celsius the rate of maturation of the wine would almost stall, halting the chemical processes within the wine bottle. Leaving wine in a hot car of in a garage in Australia would speed up the process and damage the volatile chemicals in the wine. A stable temperature between 14-16 degrees will allow your wine to slowly mature to its finest.

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